Hello there

I am a passionate individual that loves telling moody romance stories...preferably yours.  YOU and the LOVE of your life just being honest and raw with one another and vulnerable allow me to capture the real awkward, sweet and intense moments we call love.

I never have felt more comfortable being a third-wheel when I'm making crazy noises behind the camera and laughing at a joke of how you guys finally decided on what to eat the day before. I am all in all infatuated with humans and how we choose to love one another daily.



Let's get personal

The truth is I'm an outspoken shy person. 
I believe in Taco Tuesday. .
Dad jokes are what make me laugh.
My husband and daughter are my BFF's.
I have found healing in getting lost in a town
I re-watch Law and Order: SVU and Frozen 1 and 2 on repeat.
I still get nervous jitters and cry at every wedding.
And I believe writing about myself is weird..
So go click that Let's Chat button so we can get this 
ball rollin!

xoxo Khindall